We minister to people in prison, to people in transition before their release from prison, and to the families of people in prison.  Our members presently serve prison ministries in Georgia at Hancock State Prison, the Atlanta Transitional Center, and the Rockdale County Jail. Also, we partner with Kairos Prison Ministry International by providing members who serve through Kairos, as explained in the “Our Partnerships” section of our website.

Transitional Housing

Around the world a lot of people struggle with drug or alcohol addiction or have issues getting back into society after being released from prison. We operate multiple transitional housing units for men and women. We work with other ministries, counseling services, and the local authorities to assist these people in becoming productive citizens.​

We have started a vocational training program with the goal to teach our guest to become employers in our community. Our goal is provide a safe, spiritual environment with a structured program for sixteen plus months. Our program is setup that each person will work enough hours per week while in training to pay for the services and leave the program with savings to start a new life. For more info on Zion’s Path, visit us at www.excelglobal.org.